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Automatic Doors & Accessories


Energy efficient automatic door systems efficiently keep the elements out and keep comfort in. Vertical Dock And Door offers multiple options for various applications. Contact us today for a consultation.

Access Controls


Proximity, smart, and multi-technology reader options, provide solutions for any physical access control need. Plus, the multi-technology readers can be used to economically and gradually change over from proximity to smart technology in an existing system. Easy to install and stylish in design, these readers can perfectly complement any facility decor. Whether its a key, a card, or a biometric, your credential can provide access to spaces or services within your facility.

Automatic Door Accessories


Sensors, switches, wireless communication, and auxiliary products are designed to work with any complimentary automatic door system, and to meet the quality and price specifications of the most demanding customers.

Bi-Fold and Telescoping Doors


Where space is at a premium, bi-folding doors allow quick and easy access and is ideally suited to buildings with narrow entrances. The bi-fold doors use a system drive and control units, and can be either surface applied or mounted between jambs.



Simple and easy to install, swing door operators provide many features and functions to make existing doors easily accessible. Most operators are custom ordered to match the application and include: low energy and high energy. All common applications for outswing and inswing doors either with push arm or slide track arm for tight side clearance can be adapted for barrier-free access.

Revolving Doors


Revolving doors are available in hundreds of configurations to meet virtually any application. Customers choose the glass, metal, and finish as well as design, size, accessories, and attachment plan. The revolving door provides the elegance and clean styling of glass and metal to create a grand first impression to a building entrance.

Security Doors


Security revolving doors eliminate tailgating and piggybacking while maintaining a high throughput. They include sophisticated sensor systems to ensure single person entry per authorization, eliminating the need for manned security at access points. Security portals directly control pedestrian passage into sensitive areas with low throughput requirements.

Sliding Doors


Automatic sliding doors have many basic functions some of which include: automatic mode with full opening width and/or reduced opening width, and exit only for traffic control. The opening of automatic doors can also be adjustable to make the opening width smaller or larger.

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