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Entry Door Systems


Our entry doors are energy efficient, built to the highest quality standards and are a superior alternative to consumer-grade doors. Vertical Dock And Door offers replacement, new installation or repairs to your existing entry doors.

Entry Doors and Frames


No matter the size of your opening, we will have a door and frame combination that will fit with the highest level of quality in the industry.


We offer Hollow Metal Doors and Frames, Flush Wood Doors, Specialty Applications, Aluminum Doors, Storefront Doors and Accordian and Operable Walls for all applications.



Finish Hardware


From knobs and handles to hinges and brackets, the selection and quality of the finish hardware is second to none. Customize the look and feel of your entry door solution with some finish hardware.

Access Control


Save time, money, and the headache that comes with making copies of keys. Check out the access control options for our entry door selection.

Access control software functionality includes alarm monitoring, credential production, visitor management, elevator control, offline and online lock integration, security touring, and portrait monitoring.

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