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Fire Door Certification

When The Time Comes, Will You be Ready.


Smoke, Fire, and Egress doors are a vital role in building safety. To help protect property and save lives, these doors must operate when called upon.


Vertical Dock And Doors' Fire Inspection Program is designed to assist property owners and tenants in their legal obligation to maintain exposed openings in compliance with IBC, IFC, NFPA 80, NFPA 101 & NFPA 105 codes.

The inspection consists of five parts:


  • Pre-inspection meeting

  • The facility opening survey

    • Visual inspection

    • Functional test

    • Component inspection

  • Opening deficiency summary

  • Written opening inspection report

  • Annual re-inspection for continued code compliance


The Benefits of the Fire Inspection program include:


  • Inspection of all fire doors to meet NFPA 80 requirements

  • Priority scheduling and discounted rates on all service calls

  • AHJ and JCAHO compliant report format

  • Visual identification of openings with bar code label option

  • Inspection of principle egress doors to meet NFPA 101 requirements


Vertical Dock And Door Fire Door Drop Testing Program ensures proper performance of Rolling and Sliding Fire Rated Doors during an emergency. This Program is designed to assist property owners and tenants in complying with NFPA 80.

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